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We are dedicated to ensuring that UC Davis undergraduates fully participate in the dynamic intellectual and cultural life of our department, university and community.

In addition to excellence in education, we offer many ways to enhance your UC Davis experience: Explore helpful resources, get answers to your most frequently asked questions, stay up-to-date on important department polices, get advising tips and review the latest announcements to support your CS and CSE success.


Department Announcements
  • New PTA Policy
  • Beginning Winter 2019, the department will be adhering to a new PTA policy -- review this policy and others on our Policies page.
  • New Lower-Division Courses
  • New lower division courses will begin Fall 2018. The Computer Science Department will be changing their lower division courses from ECS 30/40/60 to ECS 36A/B/C. New non-major courses will be introduced as well–ECS 32A/B–as well as an intensive programming course, ECS 34, for those that complete the 32 series and wish to change their major. In addition to the new programming courses, the department will also begin enforcing a placement exam for any student interested in taking ECS 36A (formerly ECS 30). Students that do not pass or take the exam must take ECS 32A. 
  • New Placement Exam
  • The new placement exam is now live. Students interested in taking ECS 36A (formerly ECS 30) in the fall must take the placement exam or get a C- or better in ECS 32A or 10. Students interested in changing their major or minoring should see the page above regarding the new lower division courses before deciding to take the placement exam.
  • Advising Support for Hold Appointments
  • The Computer Science Department will be receiving additional advising support from the Engineering Undergraduate Office beginning Spring Quarter 2018. This will affect how the department handles major advising hold appointments. All CS/CSE First-Years, Sophomores and Juniors with major advising holds will need to book their hold appointment with the Engineering Undergraduate Office. All CS/CSE Seniors will continue to book their hold appointments with the Computer Science Department. All hold appointments can be booked by going to and selecting the appropriate department calendar listed above.
CS Major Announcements
  • New Science Series Requirements
  • New science series requirements will begin Fall 2018. Students will be able to take any 3 course combination from the BIS 2 series, CHE 2 series, and PHY 9 series. For more details, please see the general catalog or our updated checklist.
  • ECS 36C
  • Beginning Winter 2019, ECS 36C will be adding ECS 20 as a prerequisite.
  • New Electives
  • Several new electives -- including multiple EEC classes and STA 131B,STA 141B and STA 141C -- have been added to the electives list. Please see checklists in the advising help center.
CSE Major Announcements
  • Change of Major Requirements for CSE
  • Change of major requirements for CSE will include an overall 3.0 UC GPA beginning Fall 2018.
  • Change of Major Requirement for Transfer Students
  • Students must have completed all transfer admission course requirements for the intended major, and must have received at least a 2.000 (2.800 for Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) GPA or higher in these courses, and have received a C- or better in each of these courses. Transfer admission course requirements can be found here: