Take CS Classes as a Non-Major

The Department of Computer Science works diligently to serve all of its students, both majors and non-majors, and bring vital computer science education to all students across campus.

However, we would like to remind prospective students that computer science is impacted, meaning that there are more students in our majors, minors or who want to take our classes than there are spaces available. This makes it harder to get classes and transfer into our department than in non-impacted majors.

We therefore encourage students to use the Internship and Career Center for exploring interests, majors and career areas to make an informed decision about the major that is right for you so you can create an interdisciplinary skill set for your future endeavors.

Several majors at UC Davis take classes within the Department of Computer Science, such as cognitive science, applied mathematics, applied physics, biotechnology and other majors in the College of Engineering. These are all viable options for students who want a career in the field of computer science.

If you are interested in transferring into computer science and graduating in a timely manner, we recommend creating a parallel plan for your degree. A parallel plan is an alternative major plan to graduate from UC Davis. Creating a parallel plan does not imply that students are not dedicated to getting into a major, but it instead allows students the preparedness of another route to achieve your academic goals.

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