Advisory Board

Advisory Board

CS Educational Advisory Board


The role of the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) is to provide input and guidance to the Department of Computer Science, and more specifically, help with our continuous effort to maintain our undergraduate curriculum into a top-quality educational experience for students.

If you are an alumni of our CS or CSE programs at UC Davis, and would like to be part of our EAB, please contact us at

Current Members

Pouneh Aghababazadeh
BS '17, CSE
Software Engineer at Microsoft

Charnjiv Bangar
MS '04, ECE - BS '01, EE
Senior Manager at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.

Gabrielle Chwalik
BS '15, CS/MAT
Software Engineer at Freenome

Travis Heppe
BS '97, CSE
Software Engineer at Google

Ali Minty
BS '16, CS
Software Engineer at Apple

Aakash Prabhu
MS '21, CS - BS '19, CSE
Software Engineer at Flexport

Daniel Sullivan
BS '05, CS/HIS
Software Engineer at Lyft

Maria Yu
BS '15, CS

Past members

  • Cedric Bail
  • Issac Trotts (BS '99, MAT)