Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction

Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction

Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction

Much of computer science is about transforming and representing information that enables or supports information processing, either by machines or humans. Graphics, visualization and human-computer interaction comprises the science, engineering and design of graphical, visual, informational and interactive representations for use by humans. At UC Davis, we study theories and principles fundamental to the construction and optimization of graphics, visualization and interactive systems, as well as applications and use of these technologies in a broader, interdisciplinary context.



Rendering, Modeling, Animation, Geometry

Human-Computer Interaction

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Dialog Systems

Natural Language Processing

Speech Processing, Language Processing, Interactive Dialog Systems

Society and Technology

Social Networks, Privacy, Ethics


Scientific Visualization, Interactive Visualization, Big Data Visualization

Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction Faculty


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Kwan-Liu Ma

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  • Distinguished Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

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Nelson Max

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  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus