GGCS Commitment to Diversity

Diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences among students strengthens and enriches the research and education of all students. Having both a diverse faculty and student population enhances the academic experience for the department as a whole. Much like the Office of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Group in Computer Science has made a commitment to a welcoming, multicultural academic environment that supports the success of all its students.

The Graduate Group in Computer Science maintains a large and diverse faculty and student population. The Graduate Group consists of over 75 faculty from different departments across campus, and different backgrounds which enhance research and teaching. The student body consists of over 200 graduate students from different countries and cultures. These students come from both within the United States and outside of it. This diversity cultivates a well-rounded education.

There are a variety of resources and organizations on campus committed to fostering diversity throughout UC Davis. Some of those directly related to computer science include:

There are many other resources related to diversity on campus. Check the official list published by campus administration for more information.