We're Proud of Our CS Alumni

For nearly 50 years, our undergraduate and graduate alumni have made a difference in academia, industries and communities. 

Alumni are an essential link to any educational institution. The Department of Computer Science at UC Davis recognizes the contributions that alumni make to the university and our department. Their past experience as students and present involvement in academia and industry connects the department and students to a wealth of information, experience, and expertise. Interaction between alumni and the department is an invaluable tool in developing and structuring the growth of our program and recognizing trends in industry. The success of alumni is a reflection of our ability to instruct, advise, and prepare students for life outside the university.

We are committed to providing alumni with a lifelong connection to the Department of Computer Science, to foster communication, growth, and shared activities among alumni, faculty, and students. We provide a forum for career opportunities, professional advancement, and continuing education. Please explore the benefits our department has to offer alumni including the job bulletin and distinguished lecturer colloquia throughout the year. And to help you stay engaged in the latest department alumni activities and opportunities, be sure to stay in touch by filling out our alumni form and joining our College of Engineering LinkedIn

Alumni also make a difference for our department -- alumni donors and volunteers make a direct impact on students, faculty and research.

We welcome and invite suggestions that may better serve the alumni community within the Department of Computer Science.

For more information or suggestions on CS alumni events and engagement, please contact