Dipak Ghosal

Dipak Ghosal

Position Title
Professor & Chair of Graduate Group

Kemper 3045
High-speed networks, wireless and sensor networks, transportation-based cyber-physical systems, network security, performance evaluation of computer and communication systems

Dipak is interested in all problems related to networking. Dipak's research group focuses on control and security issues in computer, sensor and wireless networks and in next-generation intelligent traffic systems. These efforts investigate new congestion control algorithms in high speed networks, specifically, in private/dedicated wide-area networks machine learning-based network routing and scheduling algorithms for data transfers requiring guarantees such as deadlines. Other efforts include design, implementation and deployment of wireless sensor networks to optimize data fidelity and energy usage in harsh environments; optimizing traffic signal control with machine learning; identifying threats and vulnerabilities in next-generation intelligent traffic system with connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), and co-optimizing performance and fairness in 5G wireless networks.

Dipak is chair of the Graduate Group of Computer Science (GGCS) and a member of ECEGP (ECE Graduate Program).